Telecommunications and information transfer industries are experiencing exceptional growth as new technologies continue to be invented and global communications grow. Telephones and fax machines have become simple machines, being replaced by the latest in fiber optic technology for optimum data and information transfer.     


Fiber optic technology transmits massive amounts of data over a single glass fiber as thin as a human hair. Protecting this delicate glass fiber requires the most advanced wire, which is available from very few wire suppliers. Metals Solutions, LLC. recognizes the opportunity presented by fiber optic wire technology and we consistently meet the demands. 


Our knowledge of fiber optic strengthening and armoring wire is used by large global telecommunications companies to protect the fiber optic cable. To create the best product possible, we utilize that knowledge, selecting the most technologically advanced wire processing capabilities and process and control systems. This has helped expand our existing capabilities and makes us a world leader in fiber optic strengthening and armoring wire.



Systems and structures that support our life style are often taken for granted. Very few of us think about drinking water availability, electricity, and bridge durability. We just assume that these things will always work and be accessible. The behind-the-scenes work that it takes to create and maintain the daily infrastructure that we are accustomed to demands extensive planning and high-quality materials for construction to ensure that everything functions properly.


Metals Solutions, LLC. has been involved in providing materials for our daily infrastructure with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing wire for concrete

high-pressure water pipe.


The wire that is required for this pre-stressed concrete pipe is difficult to manufacture and Metals Solutions, LLC. has been involved  with one of the leading manufacturers of this product since its inception.


Our high-quality products are also used in bridge construction, where safety and durability are not preferences but demands. Metals Solutions, LLC. can assist producers of wire for bridge applications that meet the special requirements of bridge construction including unique mechanical properties, dimensional tolerances, and protective coatings. With the demand constantly growing for pipe, pressure vessel, and bridge wire, Metals Solutions, LLC. is also growing, working with facilities that broaden  product capabilities and meet the challenges for years to come.

Consumer Products
The integration of modern engineering and technology has made today's automobiles and appliances both visually appealing, as well as reliable and durable. The appliances and automobiles available today perform better and last longer than ever before, proving the advancements have been successful. These advancements are credited to both design and manufacturing. Wire springs created for these consumer products must be designed to provide greater performance and a longer life than previously expected.
Metals Solutions, LLC. works with manufactures of component wire for automobiles and appliances that meet the latest demands of these industries. State-of-the-art equipment and technology is used to manufacture wire with improved and tighter property requirements, dimensional tolerances that were difficult to measure, controlled surface conditions, and a variety of packages designed to accommodate higher speed fabricating equipment. Combine this with Metals Solutions, LLC. sophisticated procedures and follow through systems that provide "Just in Time" delivery and you get the high-quality products you need exactly when you need them.

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